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The Student Programme has been designed for forward thinking students who want to set themselves up for success!

Our Student Nutrition Business Programme will ensure you are crystal clear about who your Ideal Client is, you will create an inspiring marketing message, be ready to launch your brand new programmes and packages, understand the essential components of a winning website and be 100% confident that you have the essential business foundations in place so that you can step out as a newly qualified nutrition professional feeling ready to launch and grow your new nutrition business.

Most of you will have invested many years (and a large amount of money) in your professional training and by the time you graduate you will be very well equipped to deliver first class nutrition and health support to your new clients.  But, running a successful nutrition business requires an entirely different skill set and if you want to avoid expensive and time consuming mistakes, you need a proper strategy and the support of experienced business mentors.


The Student Programme



Any time


£175 per month

& £95 joining fee

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Student Programme Content

The Student Programme teaches you how to implement the essential building blocks for business success.  You will get access to our Nutrition Business Training Academy and the 10 online training courses that will give you the solid foundations to transition into practice.  Our expert videos, presentations and workbooks have been created specifically for you by our team of experienced business mentors (who are all successful nutrition professionals too!)


We will take you through everything you need, step by step, and you can follow the training in your own time and at your own pace.   Every month you will speak to your very own personal business mentor. Use these sessions to get organised, motivated and focussed, ready to take positive actions and move forward with confidence!

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Orientation Session

Welcome video session, helping you get started and learn how to make the most of your programme



On-demand Training

24/7 access, so that your learning fits in with your other commitments and responsibilities. Click here to see a list of the core modules you will have access to as a Student.

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Personalised Feedback

An expert mentor will give you personal feedback on key foundation level modules 'Ideal Client’, ‘Programmes & Packages’ and 'Websites' homework helping you confidently develop your ideas and implement what you are learning in the most time efficient way.



Mentoring Support Calls

Once a month you will speak to your very own personal business mentor. Use these sessions to get organised, motivated and focussed, ready to take positive action and move forward with confidence – at a pace to suit you.




We have a closed Facebook group to support you as you go through the programme. It’s so good to connect with your peers and learn from each other as well as your trainers/mentors.

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Mastermind Webinars

Every week you will be invited to attend a live Zest4life Mastermind webinar which will cover a different subject each week.  These sessions give you access to a wealth of experience, ideas and inspiration from the senior Zest4life team.



Special Events

Access to VIP events and training days only available to Zest4life ‘mentoring programme’ members during your membership

Syllabus Student

Four Stage Syllabus

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Legal Know How

Payment Systems

Clinic Management

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Know what you want

Why, Values, Mission

Know your Numbers

Happy Woman


Know who
you are

Define your ideal client

Create a marketing message

Understand the foundations of business branding 

Create a winning website

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Create your ideal business model

Programmes & Packages

(1 to 1 Clients)

Success Story

From Jo Sintes

The Student programme helped me to explore how I wanted to position myself as a Nutritional Therapist. It gave me time to learn about how best to set up my business and how it would fit into my life before actually qualifying, so I could make the transition really well. The Zest Coaches really want you to succeed and are there to help you every step of the way and give you great feedback to help you make the right decision for you.


The Masterclass live training webinars taught me how best to do it so that I could put it into practice. This meant that my “to do” list was continually getting ticked off. If you are a Student, don’t think about it... just do it! It is the best investment you can make in your business! And once qualified you can then transition nicely onto the Business Growth Programme which means you get access to lots of other resources and training.

From Juliana O’Boyle

Success Story


"Being a member of Zest has been instrumental in supporting me to make that daunting leap between a student and fully fledged practitioner. The whole Zest team are passionate about instilling their members with the confidence to know they can and will make a difference getting out there in practice, whilst teaching the most up to date tools needed to do it professionally and to the highest standard from the offset. Even whilst I’ve struggled with studies I was able to utilise warm and personalised coach support to get me through more challenging spots.


Of most benefit to me recently has been the guidance of Zest during the Covid-19 period. You really feel that the Zest team are behind you and you’re part of something bigger and worthwhile. The support is not limited to business but also personal, recognising the impact this has on us as individuals and our family life. I am currently using the wonderful academy resources to set up and grow my audience, I would never have known how to do all these technical things otherwise and the tutorials and feedback makes it straightforward and effective. To students thinking of joining I would say that this is a fundamental part of transitioning from education to a thriving practice"

Are you ready to design the life and business you want?

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We can explore more about what you want to achieve for your business; give you some free coaching and talk you through how our programmes can help you get there.

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