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Welcome to everything you need to launch and grow the nutrition business of your dreams


Those who are determined to elevate their performance in any field get a coach. A coach’s role is to enable another person to grow and develop personally and professionally so they reach their goals. With a coach or a mentor you get focused on what you really want and create a clear pathway to ensure you get there, working through any barriers that stand in your way. 


Critically your coach gets to know you well and holds you accountable to ensure you get it done. This is often the missing link in this profession.

What's the difference between a coach and a mentor?

Well, a mentor also has the added advantage of inside knowledge and proven track record in the area in which you are looking to grow. As such they can also give you valuable feedback, advice and direct input on your business ideas. 99% of people working with a coach or mentor find the experience highly valuable and with odds like these, getting your own coach or mentor is one of the best business decisions you could make.

All Zest4life mentoring programmes include one-to-one business coaching with personalised support, and your Business Mentor will be hand-selected from our team for the best fit. All our Nutrition Business Mentors have set up their own successful nutrition practices. With their different experiences and specialisms they have a wealth of nutrition business knowledge to help you move your business forward in a way that is true to you and how you want to work.

“I wanted to be part of a network of other like-minded people who are supportive and want each other to do well. When I saw what Zest offered I really loved all the done-for-you resources! They save me so much time. I don’t want to be sitting doing design, I want to be learning or working with clients and earning money. I’ve also done lots of Zest training such as on pricing and packaging my services.


I’ve used this and changed things around on my website and got much better success from it. I’m really enjoying the process too. Being a member of Zest has refined my business to the point where it’s working more effectively and taken out all the guesswork.”



What do you get with our mentoring programmes?

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Transform your business confidence and mindset

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Education and training to fit around you


Be part of a positive and supportive community


The biggest digital nutrition resource library in the UK

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If you are in the early stages of building your practice and would like a focused training and mentoring programme to get you started and confidently on the right track, we have designed this programme especially for you. The Business Activate Programme is ideal for Nutrition Professionals who would like support and training to get really clear on their ideal clients, to create programmes and packages with strong marketing messages to attract them, to create a winning website and to become competent and confident in conversations that convert enquiries into fee-paying clients.

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The Business Growth Programme Foundation Level, is our signature programme, and the most popular option. This is for you if you are in the early stages of building your business and would love to be fully supported by your perfectly-matched Nutrition Business Mentor. With access to our Nutrition Training Academy, endless 'done-for-you' resources and strong business community, this programme gives you everything you need to go from launch (or struggling) to thriving and fully booked.

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The Business Growth Programme Progression Level is for experienced Nutrition Professionals with an established business who want to take it to the next level. You know that with the right high-level support from an experienced Nutrition Business Mentor, you can create and achieve your bigger business vision. With access to our progression level training courses and mastermind events, this programme will give you everything you need to scale up to a six figure income, whilst creating the work/life balance you require.

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Are you ready to design the life and business you want?

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We can explore more about what you want to achieve for your business; give you some free coaching and talk you through how our programmes can help you get there.

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