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Image by Joanna Kosinska


At Zest4life we really care about the success and the growth of the Nutrition Profession and each and every member of it.

As business owners it is really important that you now invest in creating a successful practice so you can put all your newly acquired skills to good use. Sometimes it really is impossible for people to find this additional investment; this could be due to personal or life circumstances, un-planned-for financial hardship etc.  If you have experienced this yourself or you have a Nutrition colleague who has, and who you would like to help then our bursary places have been designed for just these occasions.


All we ask is that you are genuine in your application for one of these places to ensure they are available for the people who need them most, and that you bring your full commitment and motivation to the programme.

You can apply for yourself or for a colleague in need for a full or 50% bursary with Zest4life for our Business Growth Programme or Business Activate Programme.

Please complete the application below and submit the form. (All Information is kept private and confidential)

Thanks for submitting!

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