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Zest has given me confidence to run online nutrition courses

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Before I launched my first online nutrition course, I watched Zest4life's training on how to market the courses on my social media and email platforms, which led to about 30 people on my first programme. I find that, for me, 14-day programmes are much more successful - I get much better feedback and some fantastic results. Everyone liked the first one I ran, and wanted more, so I’ve stuck to the 14-day model for my recent programmes.

The way I run them is to split it into two phases, each running for seven days. There’s always a theme, and I run them seasonally, with seasonal recipes. For example, a New Year Reset, Jump into Spring, an Autumn Reset - always with a theme within it such as detoxing, liver cleansing, hormone balancing, weight loss, energy etc.

If you have all the materials that Zest give you, you have everything you need to successfully run a course. I run my groups through WhatsApp, so people can engage it at any time, day or night, but I only go on it for an hour every day and answer any questions. I also post something every day - a motivational message, or a new recipe to add to the pack. In addition, I do four Zoom sessions in the 14 days - the first one is the night before they start as an introduction, and the last one is to gain feedback, and then I do two in the middle depending on what the themes are.

I love running groups. They help to build confidence in all sorts of ways, they’ve grown my practice, I’ve met all sorts of people through them, it’s a light touch, which is a really nice change from 1:1s. I can see that I’ll get to the stage where I’ll be running group programmes all the time! I’m so glad I got the confidence to do it from Zest!

Debbie Fitzpatrick, Nutritional Therapist



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