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The done-for-you group programme content is fantastic!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I’ve run the Zest4life 'Hormone Harmony' programme with two groups, and they’ve been fantastic - I’ve had really great feedback and really enjoyed doing them. They helped build my confidence when I first began as a practitioner, and they’ve been a platform to get 1:1 work as well.

Everything I used to promote and run the programme was taken from the Zest4life super-done-for-you resources. I added my own tweak here and there, but it was amazing to have that foundation. I would never have had the time or the headspace to put all that content together from scratch!

I love group programmes, I think it’s incredibly powerful to have people come together and share, learn and take that journey together. It also makes it more financially accessible to more people, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access my services.

I offered a 30-minute health coaching session as an early bird incentive, which became more like a discovery call for women who were keen to continue. It’s lovely because you know people well by the end of 28 days, so you’ve got a really good feel for what their priorities are - they may have even shared their Wellness Vision - so you’re on the journey together already. I’ve now got new clients booked in to start with me after the summer holidays, so I’m using it as paid marketing!

My Zest Mentor, Alex, has been great at keeping me on task. She could answer practical questions, as well as all the nurturing I needed to get me on my way! Without a doubt I wouldn’t have done anywhere near as much as I have without her. Thank you Alex!

Liz Bortoli, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher



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