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Group programmes doubled my revenue

I joined Zest4life five years ago when I graduated from CNELM as I didn't know where to start with marketing my business, how to set up a website, etc. I wanted support as I knew I would be working by myself being a self-employed Nutritional Therapist.

In the first couple of years I focused on getting my foundations in place and on seeing 121 clients. I wanted to earn more revenue and I also found 121s to be fun but at other times quite draining, so I was looking for a revenue stream that would bring in more money for less effort. I also wanted to have more variety in my work and reach more people. So I decided to launch an online nutrition course.

With support from my Zest4life Business Mentor, I used the Zest4life resources to create a free challenge to promote my new online weight loss programme. My mentor gently challenged me to publicise the free challenge as widely as possible, brainstorming lots of avenues I would never have thought of! The challenge was well attended by over 180 people which added greatly to my email list and I had a good conversion rate onto my paid group programme. Plus some of these free challenge people went on to become 121 clients too.

Over the last three years I have gone onto run several successful online nutrition courses. I found the Zest done for you food plans and marketing materials extremely useful when constructing a new 3-week detox programme for clients. I was slightly blown away by the clients' results and feedback. They absolutely loved it, with one client describing it as 'life-changing!'.

Offering online nutrition courses has had a real impact on my practice. It has massively increased my audience and doubled the number of people I now work with. I find running groups really uplifting as the group supports each other and even when one person is stuck, the rest of the group are sharing their successes. Plus it has doubled my revenue!"



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