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I am now earning a good income

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I graduated from CNM in 2018 and had a lot of struggles setting up my practice during all the peaks and troughs of the Covid pandemic.

After the lockdowns ended, I was left with a lot of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I wasn’t sure I was charging enough and couldn’t see a way to making a good living. I felt isolated working on my own and as I wasn’t sure which direction to go in, I spent a lot of time procrastinating. I realised I had come to a bit of a roadblock with my clinic.

I decided to join Zest4life and I can honestly say in the last year I have grown confidently as a practitioner, have a lot more self-belief and above all, now have a business earning me a good income.⁠ Zest4life have changed my life and been central to my nutrition business success.



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