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Enjoy a successful, growing practice

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Join Zest4life Director, Ann Garry, as she discusses the one piece of advice she gives to Nutritional Professionals who want to grow their practice and be a successful business owner.

Avoid the frustration of clients not booking in for a follow up consultation – and the questioning and self-doubting that often accompanies this – by following the Zest4life approach when it comes to 121 consultations.

By reframing your approach, and offering a whole programme of support, you will have clients that are more motivated, less likely to cancel and not show up for appointments, and, most importantly, get fantastic results.

Not only that but you will feel hugely fulfilled by practicing in a way that is more professional and more satisfying.

Learning how to create structured nutrition programmes and packages, and price them at a level that is right for both you and your clients, is one of the fundamental training programmes within a whole pathway of business training at Zest4life.

Remember when you are talking to potential clients, it's so important that they know that they are buying a solution to their health needs. They don't just want an hour of your time, they want to buy into a service with the right level of support to help them achieve their goals. This will always be a win-win for you both and is the best way to build a thriving practice and get great results for your clients.

This is why offering programmes and packages to your clients (instead of one off appointments) is the change that will have the biggest impact on your nutrition business. It is truly transformational!

To find out more about the Zest4life business training, book your 45 minute complimentary business strategy call with one of our experienced Business Mentors -


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