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Patrick Holford
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Tired? Stressed? Unwell? Aches and Pains? Overweight? 

We work with clients who are serious about transforming their health and living life to the full - and know they need the support and motivation to get there. You may feel tired, stressed, have aches and pains, sleep problems and weight issues, especially around the middle that just won’t shift. Whatever your health concerns, zest4life Health Coaches work with you step by step to transform your energy levels, tackle any health issues, get back into top shape, lose the belly fat and feel like your ‘best’ self again. 

Zest4life Health Coaches are also qualified nutrition experts and can ensure the nutrition plan they give you will be personalised for you making the journey a fun and delicious experience, not an endurance test!

Want to look in the mirror and like what you see? Feel energetic and full of life? Pain free? Book your complementary health coaching session with one of our Health Coaches now and start feeling better today.

Many ways we help you on your journey to optimum health.... 

• 1 to 1 nutritional therapy, health and weight loss coaching
• Group zest4life health and weight loss programmes
• Start now from home programmes
• Telephone or Skype Coaching – any time, any place
• Specialist programmes for Diabetes and Low Moods
• Online programmes.

Don't tolerate poor health - it really is possible to feel good every day. Book your complementary health coaching session with one of our Coaches today.






Latest News

A new review, conducted by the Imperial College London, has looked at whether swapping regular drinks for a diet soft drink does in fact help you to lose weight. Their findings argue that there is "no solid evidence" that low-calorie sweeteners are any better for weight-loss than full sugar drinks.

A new study warns that fatty foods can stunt the development of children's brains, thus increasing the risk of them developing Alzheimer's or a mental illness when they are older.

Patrick Holford is holding a series of seminars entitled 'Five Keys to Connection' at various locations across the United Kingdom in September and October this year.

Doctors in England and Wales are being urged to prescribe exercise as a means of combating the obesity epidemic, and so help to save lives. The Local Government Association (LGA) believes that GPs should give patients physical activity goals to encourage them to be more active.

A recent programme on BBC2, and available on BBC iPlayer, tells the story of two brothers who helped their father to reverse his diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

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