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Coaching is the key element that facilitates change. Coaching sessions are about the client and not the therapist and help you to fully explore what matters to you to you for your health and wellbeing. The experience of being coached is a feeling of being listened to and understood in a way that we don’t usually experience.

Our coaches are trained in deep and active listening, not just in the absence of talking, but also in the presence of real empathy, respect and understanding. Clients work with their coach to set inspirational goals, explore barriers and reach a new level of motivation and self knowledge to drive you towards whatever you want for yourself. Not just in the area of wellbeing, health or weight loss but other areas too. It may be that your circumstances need to change in order for you to have a new approach to your wellbeing; coaching is what helps you uncover unseen blocks that are holding you back. The result is a new found sense of freedom and ability to get into action, prioritizing your health and wellbeing along the way.

All our nutritional therapists and coaches are trained in the zest4life motivational coaching process and all offer personalised 1:1 coaching either face to face or via telephone coaching or Skype. Many also run online programmes and / or group workshops.  Our coaches all work in slightly different ways – find your closest or preferred coach and arrange your initial 30 minute free consultation with our compliments.



There are many people in the health industry who are not properly trained to support people on the important journey to total wellness.  Advice is contradictory and it is difficult to know what to believe. It is therefore essential that you put your health into the hands of someone who is properly trained.

All zest4life coaches are also fully trained and qualified nutrition professionals giving you the confidence in their ability to help and support you with the right health plan.

Our international network of Nutrition Professionals can support you to help you achieve your goals of health, wellbeing and weight loss with individual health and nutrition plans based on your profile, needs and preferences.


You will receive professional materials and nutrition plans containing the key information you need to get going on your journey to optimum health. You can see your Nutrition Expert privately every week or more or less frequently depending upon your personal needs. They are trained to be flexible in how they offer support and have in depth knowledge of nutritional health to ensure you reach your goals in the best possible way for you.  


You will learn the truth about healthy eating and why you need to eat in a certain way to promote optimal health – you are educated and motivated to make changes so that you can quickly see results in your health, energy levels, vitality and weight without ever feeling deprived.

Appropriate tests can be arranged where necessary (e.g. food intolerances, thyroid malfunction, hormones, homocysteine, candida, cholesterol plus many others depending on your requirements).

Prices vary depending upon the area in which you live. Please contact your closest or preferred coach to arrange your initial 30 minute complimentary nutrition consultation.



Our network of trained coaches can offer you private coaching sessions if you would prefer the individual attention and support this provides.

A welcoming and confidential programme is made available to help you explore your goals and barriers to success.

phone / skype / online


Get individual support when and where you need it with motivational phone / skype coaching and professional expert support from your zest4life coach.


If you can't get to see your zest4life coach face to face, all our coaches can support you from anywhere in the world,  in a flexible way with either an online programme or phone / skype coaching.  

Simply select who you would like to work with and arrange your complimentary skype or phone session.



Many of our coaches run group programmes combining nutrition and health education with motivational coaching. 


Attending a group helps reduce the cost and provide a fun, sociable environment learning and achieving alongside others to reach your goals.  Check out their profiles to find out who is running groups close to you – many also run online groups too so that you can join forces with others wherever you live.