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Nutrition Business

Boosting your Visibility - Strategies for becoming a well-respected Nutrition Professional

Learn from our experts and be inspired by case studies from established Nutrition Practitioners

Friday 15th September 

10.30am to 12.30pm

Come away with clear actions, tools and plans you can put in place immediately

Do you ever feel that not enough people know about you? 

After all, if people don’t know what you do and how you can help them with their health, then it can be hard to attract new clients and build a consistent revenue stream. 

But does the thought of “putting yourself out there” - perhaps doing Instagram Reels, Facebook Lives, business networking or presentations - fill you with dread? Many of the Nutrition Professionals and Health Coaches we work with are compassionate, empathetic and love working with their clients, but are fearful, nervous and lack self-confidence when it comes to promoting themselves.

Become more visible & accessible

No doubt you trained in nutrition because you want to make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing. You really care and want to help others, and at the same time you want to earn a good living doing what you love. After all, you have invested years of training and a significant amount of money to get where you are today. 

If this sounds like you, then our free Roundtable event has been designed exactly for you. We’ll reveal the best ways to make potential clients aware of you; identifying opportunities to talk to them and listen to their concerns whilst showcasing your expertise and the positive impact you can make on their lives.

It's natural to have some fears about putting yourself out there and promoting your practice. This webinar provides valuable perspectives and tactics to overcome these barriers and boost your self-confidence. 


Join Zest4life Directors Ann Garry and Marcelle Dubruel to learn from the experts and be inspired by case studies with practitioners who have taken these very steps themselves, and enjoyed great results!

At this free online event you will learn  how to:

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Boost your Visibility 

Learn effective strategies to increase your recognition with potential clients. Discover how to showcase your expertise effectively and authentically across various platforms, making sure your voice is heard by those who need it most.

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Attract your Dream Clients

Tired of chasing clients? Let them come to you! Understand how to communicate your expertise and the value you provide to attract new clients who are seeking help with their health and nutrition. 

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Overcome Promotion Fear

Many Nutrition Professionals struggle with self-promotion due to fear, nervousness, or lack of self-confidence. This workshop offers insights and strategies to overcome these barriers, allowing you to showcase your expertise more confidently.

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Create a Consistent Revenue Stream

Gaining visibility and attracting new clients can contribute to a more consistent flow of income. When more people are aware of your skills and services, you're better positioned to maintain a steady revenue stream.

Our free online Roundtable is taking place on Friday 15th September, 10.30am to 12.30pm. Sign up now, and benefit from clear actions, tools and plans you can put in place in your own nutrition practice in 2023.

Nutrition Business Roundtable
Friday 15th September 10.30am - 12.30pm

Roundtable Agenda

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10.30am - Welcome and keynote session with Ann Garry

Strategies for becoming a well-respected Nutrition Professional 

As a profession, Nutritional Therapists and Health Coaches are caring and love to make people feel at ease, but we often feel uncomfortable with ‘marketing and selling ourselves’! Join this session with Ann Garry to learn the best strategies for spreading your message to potential clients in a way that feels genuine and authentic. We promise that this does not have to include going live on Facebook every day – we know that for many of you, this is really not your thing!


11:15am - Marcelle Dubruel

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Do you feel nervous about putting yourself out there? Are you uncomfortable promoting your practice or are you struggling to break out of a negative pattern of behaviour? Join Marcelle for this interactive session to understand how you can get to the root of the beliefs, and thought patterns, that are keeping you stuck. By addressing your limiting beliefs, you can break the undesirable patterns of thought and behaviour that ultimately hinder your success.


11.45am - Debbie Gallimore

Case study session 1

Working with collaborators to develop group programmes can be a great way to help more people and act as a stepping stone to converting participants onto your 121 nutrition programmes. In this case study session successful Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach Debbie Gallimore will discuss how offering joint services with a local personal trainer has enabled her to grow her presence in her local community and bring their health & fitness services to literally hundreds of women. 

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12.00pm - Rachel Davies

Case study session 2

Partnerships with local businesses where you effectively recommend and promote each other’s businesses can be a great way to increase your visibility and enhance your reputation. They can even lead to long term relationships where you collaborate and offer joint services. In this case study session Rachel Davies shares how giving talks and working with local fitness professionals to run group programmes has been a springboard for launching her new nutritional therapy practice. 

Lisa McPherson.jpg

12.15pm - Lisa McPherson 

Case study session 3

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can and you're halfway there.”  At Zest we love to see our members grow with confidence and start to believe in themselves and their abilities to help people. In this case study session Lisa McPherson discusses how since joining Zest4life she has changed her niche, realised her worth, got clear on her programmes, and is now planning to leave her part time job to focus on nutritional therapy full-time. 

Nutrition Business Roundtable
Friday 15th September 10.30am - 12.30pm

Learn from the experts

Ann Garry new profile.jpg

Ann Garry

Zest4life Director and Nutritional Therapist

Ann is a Zest4life Director, experienced practitioner and Fellow of BANT. She loves to share her experience and accumulated wisdom and is on a mission to raise the profile of the nutrition profession so that we are seen as an integrated part of the healthcare solutions in all our communities! Ann is one of the most respected Nutrition Business Mentors in the UK and runs regular mastermind events for our Zest members.


Marcelle Dubruel 

Zest4life Senior Health Coach Trainer and Business Mentor

Marcelle is a Nutritional Therapist, Zest4life Health Coach Trainer and Business Mentor. Marcelle is one of our most experienced mentors and her unique style is gentle and affirming but tough and direct too. Her calm approach and master coaching skills enable Zest4life members to get ‘unstuck’ and find a breakthrough to their full potential. Marcelle also runs our six-week Health Coach training course.

Debbie Gallimore 2023.jpg

Debbie Gallimore 

Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach 

Debbie Gallimore is a Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach based in Sale, Manchester. She helps midlife women to feel amazing and look best at their happy weight. Having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue and Hashimoto Thyroiditis in her 30’s, she can relate to their health struggles to give her clients strength and courage to trust the process. 

Rachel Davies nutrition.JPG

Rachel Davies 

Nutritional Therapist  and Health Coach

Rachel Davies is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach based in Bath. She grew up on an organic farm in the Wiltshire countryside so has always been interested in good food. But it was through her own health journey that she became fascinated by the power of food and lifestyle to heal the body. Rachel’s mission is to give busy, exhausted, stressed-out people a clear roadmap to improve their health and wellbeing for good.

Lisa McPherson.jpg

Lisa McPherson 

Nutritional Therapist

Lisa McPherson is a Nutritional Therapist based in Stockton on Tees. She specialises in food intolerances, sensitivities, and gut health. She is passionate about helping people to overcome overly restrictive diets and give them the answers they are looking for.⁠ Since joining Zest4life Lisa has worked hard, following and trusting in the process and is now building a business she is proud of.

Nutrition Business Roundtable
Friday 15th September 10.30am - 12.30pm




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About Zest4life

At Zest4life, we offer a range of support options to help you to start or grow your nutrition business. 

We have a team of expert Mentors in our private, members only online communities to help you every step of the way to making your business a success. You have all been very well trained in nutrition, however, growing a successful nutrition business requires an entirely different skill set. If you want to build a sustainable and viable business, you will need a clear strategy and a supportive community behind you.

We offer personal mentoring so that you can grow your business YOUR way. In addition we have an online training academy with over 40 courses, as well as business and client resources, done for you marketing materials and live online training events. You will be fully supported in your journey to Nutrition Business Success. Our social media team use our platforms to help market you and your services to potential new customers.

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We offer personal mentoring so that you can grow your business your way

In addition we have an online training academy with over 40 courses, as well as business and client resources, done for you marketing materials and live online training events. You will be fully supported in your journey to Nutrition Business Success. 

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