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Nutrition Business Success Club

We'd love to welcome you back to the Club! 

 As a Nutrition Practitioner you know you can make a significant and lasting difference to people's lives. And we know from experience that it can be a challenge to build a successful practice on your own, especially when the economic outlook is uncertain. Now more than ever it's important to get support from experienced Nutrition Business Mentors so you can get ahead, make a good living and contribute to the family finances.


Re-join the Zest4life Club

Rediscover the training, new ‘done for you’ resources and 24/7 support you need so you can grow your nutrition business and help more people in a much bigger way...


Re-join the Club

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"People are so successful with us because we show you how to get it right first time. You'll save so much time and avoid expensive mistakes. Feelings of overwhelm that are so common for new business owners, will be a thing of the past."

Carolyn St John Loder

Zest Director

Is now the right time?

We know that all Nutrition Practitioners have the potential to grow successful businesses


Is now the right time to step back on our pathway to success to grow your dream
nutrition business? 


Is now the right time to be inspired by the Zest4life team of 12 Nutrition Business Mentors?

Is now the right time to rediscover the thriving and supportive community of people just like you?


"Being a solopreneur, can be a really lonely experience, especially if, like most of us you like to feel supported and part of a team. Being part of our Zestie community, will give you that affirming sense of belonging that we all benefit from."

Ann Garry

Zest Director

A reminder of your Club benefits


Your 6 stage pathway to
business success

You will have 24/7 access to our Nutrition Business Academy, with over 20 online training courses to take you from Stage 0 “Business Basics” to Stage 6 “Make it Happen”. You can work through these in your own time and at your own pace. Our expert videos and presentations will take you through our proven marketing pathway created specifically for nutrition practitioners. You'll also have regular live Q&A sessions with our business mentors to help you to overcome any barriers and obstacles along the way.


A monthly calendar of
live online events

You’ll be invited to a range of online Masterminds to connect with our experts and learn different ways to attract clients, form strategic partnerships, improve your money mindset and so much more. If you can’t attend of these events live, they are always recorded so you can watch the replays at a time convenient to you. You are also invited to attend our monthly CPD events to extend your clinical knowledge, which have included speakers such as Ben Brown. 



Club Facebook group of
supportive members

You'll be invited to join our ‘Members Only’ Club Facebook Group, where everyone celebrates your wins, shares stories, and asks for and gives advice. Benefit from a constant sounding board for your ideas! This group gives you the vital connection to our team of business mentors, and other colleagues on the same journey as you to get you all the answers you need.


Get featured on our website

Our client-focused website and social media platforms are aimed at engaging with potential clients looking for support from the Nutrition Profession. You will be promoted (for free) with your own profile page plus you can contribute recipes and top tips that will be credited to you so clients in need of your services can more easily find you. You will also receive your special Zest4life silver members badge that you can use on your website.

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Last but not least, every three months you will receive a  bundle of “done for you” marketing and client resources!


When you join you will immediately gain access to the current bundle of done-for-you content focusing on sugar and cravings – often two of the most important areas for clients wanting to adopt new and long-lasting healthy habits. This is not just any bundle; it includes a free challenge designed and written for you to boost your email list and nurture prospective clients!


You can use this professionally designed and curated content as lead magnets to attract new clients, as inspiration for social media content or gift them to your current clients. 

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Welcome & Visioning session

Watch the Welcome and Business Visioning Session to refresh your memory about everything the Club has to offer and how to get the most out of it. The business visioning section helps you to get clear on your priorities for the next 90 days.

Re-join the Nutrition Business Success Club!

Re-join us NOW and enjoy your membership for just £59 per month forever!

(Lifetime price, guaranteed no price increase ever.
No hidden costs or contracts, cancel any time.)

The six-stage pathway to success!

Rediscover the Nutrition Business Academy where over 20 online training courses take you from Stage 0 “Business Basics ” to Stage 6 “Make it Happen”.


As before, you can do these in your own time and at your own pace.  Our expert videos, presentations and workbooks will take you through our proven marketing pathway created specifically for nutrition professionals by our team of Nutrition Business Mentors.


Stage 0



Legal Know How
Payment Systems
Clinic Management


Stage 1

Know what

you want

Your Vision
Your Values & Mission
Know your Numbers


Stage 2

Know who

you are

Define your Ideal Client
Your Marketing Message
Creating a Winning Website


Stage 3

Create your ideal business

Choose your Services
Programmes & Packages
Coaching Skills


Stage 4


what you do

Marketing Foundations
Discovery Calls
Social Media Intro
Email Marketing


Stage 5



Talks & Webinars
Workshops & Retreats
Strategic Partners


Stage 6

Make it


Client generation
Grow your audience
Combat Imposter Syndrome
Combat Procrastination

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"Following our 6 stage pathway, you'll find everything you need... from knowing who you are in this profession, to making it all happen, and what's more, you can access and follow everything at a time to suit you."

Wendy Nagle

Zest Director

Image by Andrew Ridley

Sarah Moser

"I've learnt so so much already. The best decision to have invested in me and my business by joining your Club"


Emily Collins

"I followed the Club process and just three months after graduating I've launched my business.  The first week my website went live I booked three discovery calls and I've just sold my first programme! I'm so delighted and hugely thankful for all the help and advice from Zest."  


Charlotte Kirkbride

"On several occasions, I've come away from watching the Mastermind coaching sessions, thinking that they were worth the Club membership fee alone!"

Ailsa leopard small.jpeg

““As Head of Training at Zest I create many of the pathway courses to ensure you get the best possible up-to-the-minute marketing advice and training for the nutrition profession. All our courses have videos, workbooks and easy-to-follow how-to guides.”

Ailsa Hichens

Zest Mentor

Benefit from leading Nutrition Business Mentoring

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With Zest4life, you benefit from not just 1, but 12 Nutrition Business Mentors sharing collectively over a hundred years' experience in running their own successful nutrition practices, experience they share with you every day through the trainings and Facebook group.


In today's connected world there are so many ways to build a successful nutrition business. Whether that is seeing clients one to one, group programmes, corporate workshops or retreats. Our 12 Nutrition Business Mentors each have their own businesses, and they openly share how they did it. We even have mentors based in Europe and South Africa, so with their different experiences and success stories they can all provide priceless knowledge for whichever way you want to practise. Learn from them and let them help you take your nutrition business to the next level.

This is what makes us the most successful Nutrition Business Mentors in the profession, and 

the No.1 choice for you.

Re-join the Nutrition Business Success Club!

Re-join us NOW and enjoy your membership for just £59 per month forever!

(Lifetime price, guaranteed no price increase ever.
No hidden costs or contracts, cancel any time.)

Image by Andrew Ridley
Lucy Dawson.JPG

Lucy Dawson

“When you graduate your support network and focus of the course suddenly ends and you’re left alone. In the Zest4life Club there’s always someone who has been where you are and can offer words of wisdom. It’s that sense of belonging. I did the programmes and packages course and it was brilliant. I would never have had the confidence to charge appropriately for my time otherwise. I did the course, got feedback from the mentors on my pricing and implemented my new services on my website and it was great to get this completed in just four weeks.”


Angela Skinner

"Within a month of graduating college I had my first client! When I joined the Zest4life Club I was totally green, having just finished my diploma and I thought the Club would be perfect to get my practice off the ground. The Club is like a supportive family. With the Facebook group, resources, training and group sessions with the Zest team, it’s a feeling of inclusion and not being on my own trying to figure things out. I identified my ideal client, was taught to NOT be scared of niching and was then able to focus my messaging on my ideal client. I very quickly had discovery calls booked in which translated into clients within a couple of weeks!"

Melanie Judge.jpg

Melanie Judge

"After some pointers on marketing my discovery calls things changed. The email approach worked brilliantly and since I did that a week ago today I’ve had 11 people book a discovery call, I’ve spoken to 4 so far and two have booked my 12 week programme! A 50% conversion isn’t too bad I guess! I have a few more calls booked in this week and I am feeling so much more confident about the whole process now. I just wanted to say thank you so much! It’s still early days building my business, but the advice and knowledge I have received throughout my time with Zest has been so valuable”

Re-join the Nutrition Business Success Club!

Re-join us NOW and enjoy your membership for just £59 per month forever!

(Lifetime price, guaranteed no price increase ever.
No hidden costs or contracts, cancel any time.)


  • How much does it cost?
    The monthly membership costs £59 a month (inc VAT) and the price will remain the same for life. The price will increase the next time the doors are open, though your price will always remain the same. You can also choose to pay £295 for six months for the price of five months, so you get one month included for free.
  • How long do I need to commit for?
    You can be a Zestie as long as you like! The minimum period is just one month. Your membership fee is paid monthly and you can stop your membership at any time. However if you leave you won't be able to rejoin until the next time we open for enrolment - usually every 6 months. If you take the six month option for £295 then your initial contract length is six months. When the six months ends you can choose to stay on for another six months at £295 or pay £59 per month, or leave. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • How much time does it take to work through all the Club membership training modules?
    The programmes in our Training Academy are available for you to access in bite-sized chunks at any time, 24/7. If you can find just one hour each week to watch the lessons, together with 1-2 hours to put what you have learnt into practice, you will make steady progress. If you have more time you can work through the all modules at your own pace, you get access to all the training as soon as you join. We've seen newly qualified practitioners follow the pathway and be fully set up with their website, pricing structure, practice management systems and seeing their first clients within three months of qualifying. It really depends how much time you have to work on your business.
  • What if I don't have enough time to keep up with everything?
    Unlike a course there is no such thing as “falling behind” when it comes to a membership so we would encourage you to see it as a treasure trove of resources you can dip into when you need to, rather than something you have to "keep up with". Not enough hours in the day is a big challenge for so many nutrition business owners so we aim to help you, by having greater clarity on what your next step is, and a laser focus on just one high impact thing at a time. Attending the welcome webinar and visioning session will help you with this. By following our six-stage pathway you will have less things to focus on, and so more time to focus on those things that really matter.
  • Will I receive 1-2-1 business mentoring?
    There are fortnightly Group Coaching events in the Club, during which you are welcome to raise questions and receive personal support. The Club Facebook Group is there to support you too. If you are seeking personal 1-2-1 mentoring, our signature 12 month business mentoring programme is designed for this:
  • Is the Zest4life Health Coaching Course included within the Club membership?
    Zest4life are also experts in Health Coaching Training for Nutrition Professionals. As a Zest4life Club member you will receive £100 discount on our BANT and NTOI accredited 6 week health coaching live training course, which runs twice a year, the next one starts in March.
  • Is the Zest4life Nutrition Resource Centre included in the Club membership?
    Zest4life has one of the largest nutrition business libraries of resources in the world with over 500 pieces of ready-to-use marketing materials worth over £6500. Access to the complete Resource Centre is included within our signature 12 month Business Growth Programme. As a Club member you will receive a quarterly bundle of client resources every three months which typically includes one beautifully designed client e-book, one professionally written newsletter, nine seasonal recipes developed by our in-house team of nutritionists and a selection of curated seasonal images to use in your marketing.
  • I'm not based in the UK. Is the Club suitable for me?
    The Club pathway has been developed to be relevant to Nutrition Professionals in lots of different countries. We have Nutrition Business Mentors based in the UK, Ireland, Spain and South Africa who all contribute their knowledge and expertise to the training in the Club. We already have lots of Club members from different locations including UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, South Africa, Canada, Australia and the Middle East who are making a success of their business. Wherever you are based you will be made very welcome by our diverse community.
  • Do you have Club membership intakes throughout the year?
    We currently open the Club membership for enrolment every 6 months. We only open enrolment for short periods so that the rest of the time we can be fully focused on our members and ensuring they have an amazing experience, rather than diluting our focus with sales and marketing activity. Having new members join only at certain times of year also helps ensure a safe space where everyone has time to get to know each other in between inductions.
  • I'm just starting out. Am I ready?
    The membership is designed to support you from a standing start. No website? No clients? Just an idea? We'll support you to get those essential foundations in place you need to get your first few paying clients - and you'll be off!
  • I've been in business for years, will I get enough out of it?
    Lots of Nutrition Professionals work their businesses as a side hustle. If you’ve been doing this for years, then the Club membership is ideal for helping you to build up to a full time income. If you’re at the stage where you have an established business and are thinking about creating online programmes, employing associates or setting up a membership to scale further then our personal business mentoring programmes maybe more suitable for helping you to build up to a six-figure income:
  • I'm already overwhelmed, will this add to this?
    What we see is that most nutrition business owners are overwhelmed because they have simply taken on too much. They are trying to juggle too many marketing strategies that are not yielding results or getting the attention of their ideal clients, following too many different business models, or being unclear on the most impactful next step for them. So, of course, it's a recipe for overwhelm and burnout. One of the things you get with this membership is a six-stage pathway designed specifically for Nutrition Professionals where you are clear on the next best step for you, and can start doing less activity that has a high impact, rather than lots of activity that either doesn't work for you or isn't right for your stage of business.
  • What if it turns out it's not for me?
    We believe you'll get amazing value from being a member of the Nutrition Business Success Club. However, if you don’t feel you are getting value you can cancel your monthly membership at any time by emailing If you take the six month option for £295 then your initial contract length is six months. When the six months ends you can choose to stay on for another six months at £295 or pay £59 per month, or leave. The decision is completely up to you.
  • I think I'd like to join, but I've got a question
    If you've got a question that hasn't already been answered on this page then please drop us a line at and we'll be very happy to help. And we promise we'll always give you an honest answer. We are interested in welcoming the right members - and making sure it's right for you too.
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