What have you been tolerating about your health?

How would you rate your energy on a scale of 1-10?

We should feel well everyday, with sufficient energy to enjoy our lives but many of us do not.  Many of us put up with health tolerations which eventually lead to disease.

You don’t have to feel this way, or accept poor health. 

Working with a nutrition expert and health coach gives you the support you need to prioritise your health. Many clients choose to work with a zest4life coach long term so that there is always someone in your corner to help motivate you and guide you to living life to the full, but give us a minimum of 4 weeks with your commitment to follow our programme and you can begin to experience for yourself truly transformational results. 



How long have you been overweight?

How many times have you tried to lose it? 


How many different programmes and diet plans have you tried?  Firstly, if you have been unsuccessful in the past, it is not your fault!  There is so much conflicting advice that it is so confusing to know what to do. That’s why we only work with qualified nutrition professionals and ensure they are trained as motivational health coaches too, so that we can ensure you have the right support. 


Losing weight is all about emotions and mindset – you need to work with someone who understands nutritional health but also knows how to get the best out of you – how to find what will motivate you to begin, and to stay on this wonderful journey with us. We are 100% committed to you getting the body and life you really want.

Our coaches can support you one to one, in a group, or via skype and online programmes in a flexible way.

Book an initial complimentary session with a zest4life coach and receive some free coaching right away.


what do you

You may need a personalized and tailored programme designed specifically for your goals and objectives and personal challenges. 


All our coaches are fully trained to write individual plans for you.

We also have a range of ready to go, tried and tested zest4life programmes that many clients have successfully followed with great results. 


Our coaches are trained to support you to follow these step by step programmes and achieve similar results.


easy to follow

Detoxes can sometimes be very restrictive and difficult to follow. 


With our 4 week EASY TO FOLLOW guided plan you can integrate the changes easily and lose weight quickly and healthily, get your energy back, improve your digestion and eliminate food intolerances. 


We recommend everyone does a detox at least once a year (ideally twice) to reset your health and springboard energy. 


Take this easy option and get the same results.


6 week

This programme has been designed to re-set your metabolism so that you can switch into fat-burning mode and re-set your health too. 


Without realizing, people have often set their bodies up for fat storing by eating the wrong foods; this programme focuses on the rights foods so that you can turn on your ‘skinny’ gene and re-set the body to lose weight quickly and efficiently. 


Choosing these foods also leads to dramatic improvements in health and energy and improved body composition and immunity. 


FREE start now

If you know you want to change your

health, improve your lifestyle and lose weight, start right now. 


Download our Start Now Health & Weight Loss Programme and benefit from a FREE Health Coaching Session too! Simply fill in your name, email address and location and you will receive your free health programme today.

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Learn about superfoods, improving heart health and memory, break free from cravings and adopt mindfulness techniques​



Learn how to boost immunity, improve bone health. Improve skin and reduce stress


fast track back to health

This programme is designed for people who know they need to prioritise their health to avoid serious disease.



Find out about the best nutrients for superhealth and anti-aging, learn how to manage hormones and improve through diet and encourage your kids to be

healthy​ too.


burn fat fast

Learn how to follow Patrick Holford’s alternate day fasting diet for health and weight loss


emotional eating

If you are an emotional eater you need the proper support to help you improve your relationship with food and build a better self image. Learn to reward yourself in new and nourishing ways and follow a plan to help reduce cravings and balance energy and wellbeing.​

In addition to these tried and tested zest4life programmes, many of our coaches have their own versions with similar outcomes but slightly different content.  Find our what your nearest / preferred coach has to offer you.