Zaira Ahmed

Feel full of life everyday!


You may find this hard to believe but it is possible to feel full of life no matter what your age! Perhaps you have gained or lost weight through stress, eating on the go, exercising
too much or too little. Now you often feel irritable, possibly low mood and anxious, and you’re battling niggling health issues that never troubled you before – uncomfortable digestive symptoms, hormonal problems, frequent coughs and colds.


This experience is very common when you get to your 30s, 40s and beyond. You spend most of your time juggling career and family commitments, and are so focused on others that you forget the most important person… yourself! Simply by making changes to your diet and lifestyle, the symptoms of some of these conditions can be improved so markedly that there is a really profound shift in how you experience life.


I have a down-to-earth approach using nutrition, health coaching, and counselling to help you connect with yourself at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. I firmly believe that eating the right foods, at the right times, with the right attitude, goes a long way in improving your health and wellbeing. I aim to support you in regaining a sense of balance and harmony so you feel better in yourself and in control of your life. I also suffered from depression at one stage in my life and on reflection, while therapy had its place, it was my Yoga training with its emphasis on right food, at the right time and a healthy routine that helped me through it.

12 weeks to a fitter, happier YOU! A consultation (preferably face-to-face) covers a full assessment of your health needs and goals, a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is adapted to your work and home life - and the best part (as my clients say) is the ongoing support (by phone or zoom). There are three levels of support over 12 weeks and we discuss which is best for you. If you prefer, you may have a one-off consultation which includes a comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle plan.


Zaira Ahmed

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