Victoria Bell

Are you a busy working woman struggling with flagging energy, hormonal symptoms or digestive issues?  Have you battled with weight gain or annoying symptoms which distract you from firing on all cylinders?  Or are you a little further down the line and have those health niggles have crept up on you so you cannot remember the last time you actually felt good and had a spring in your step?


Hormonal changes, digestive problems and low energy can really get in the way of working at your best, affecting memory, concentration, sleep, aches and pains and a whole long list of other functions that we rely on every day.


I’m Victoria Bell, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and I specialise in working with women approaching perimenopause and menopause. Having personally experienced burnout, ill health and out of sync hormones, I use my knowledge to help other women to regain their energy, shift the stubborn pounds and feel better.  My programmes are highly tailored to your needs and I will show you how to meet your goals. I use a holistic approach to see the unique person that you are, with compassion, non-judgement and your care and health as a priority. 


I always offer a free, no obligation mini-consultation to help you identify some first steps to improve your health.

Victoria Bell

Zest4life Associate