Venetia Howes

I’m Venetia Howes. I help women over forty take control of their lives … the Fit Weigh.
You can reach and maintain your goal weight, feel more energised and manage your hormones. Combining the best nutrition science with personal accountability coaching, I’ll help you love your body, recover the energy you once had and change your life.


The Fit Weigh was established in 2016 by me, Venetia Howes. Prior to this, I enjoyed a long career in marketing but soon realised that I wanted more. After finally getting into the best shape of my life after years of trying,  I knew then that I wanted to follow my passion for health and fitness and teach other women how to reconnect with and fall in love with their bodies and become the best versions of themselves.


I began changing my life 10 years ago. Overweight, unfit and stressed by the demands of my job and single motherhood, I signed up with a personal trainer who helped me become fit, toned and stronger. A focus on nutrition brought huge changes to my health.


I knew then that I wanted to teach other women to reconnect with their bodies and become the best versions of themselves.

So today I’m a mother, partner, health coach, online personal trainer and entrepreneur using my life experience to help others transform their lives; educating women on the importance of caring for their wellbeing, exercising regularly and maintaining good nutritional habits.


The Fit Weigh is more than just a health and fitness business. It’s a community of women who encourage each other to turn their wellness vision into a reality and live the life they dream about.


My message: If I could do it, so can you.


You CAN be in the best shape of your life no matter what your age. I started exercising only when I was in my mid-thirties. Only then did I develop a healthy attitude towards food, a vision of what I wanted to become and a determination to reach it. Today, I enjoy exercising and eating healthily. I recently entered a fitness bikini competition and finished in the top 10 (among the over-40s).  It’s not too late for you.


Let me help you to be the best you can be.

Venetia Howes