Tracy Spencer

After low carb diets, clean eating, boot camps, not eating on a full moon - you get the idea I'd tried them all they worked for a period of time until 'normal' life resumed!


After my 'I have to lose the baby weight' Bootcamp which meant I couldn't even have a glass of water before 'weigh in day', fed up and overwhelmed, I decided there had to be another way, and that was the start of Healthy Habits. 


My love of good food (and wine), enjoying life and dispelling the confusing messages we get from all around us about food led me to train as a Health Coach.  My passion is supporting others to understand nutrition, see through the yo-yo diets, the pills, the magic drinks and take back control. By understanding nutrition and what the body needs, the balance is easier than you may think to live a healthy happy life. 


I work with you on changing habits and mindsets, finding what works for you, overcoming the overwhelm and self doubt to get you to where you want to be creating Healthy Habits for life, for you and your family.  Improving your understanding of nutrition, finding the balance of food groups and what your body needs to lead a healthy happy life creating healthy habits.   


The chances are, if you've made it to here you're ready to take control, so get in touch and find out what Healthy Habits can do for you.

Tracy Spencer



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