Tracey Randell

I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist specialising in IBS and other gut-related issues using Functional Medicine (I am an IFM Certified Practitioner).


This means I look for the root cause of the disease in the whole body and provide each patient with a bespoke plan designed to redress their issues and help them return to health. So, for example, rather than treating fibromyalgia, IBS, and acne rosacea individually, giving drugs for each condition, I work from the understanding that they are all associated with gut dysbiosis and would address this, resolving the imbalance by treating the whole system as opposed to separate parts.


My passion  is gut health – as someone once said “death begins in the colon”. If you cannot eat, digest, absorb, detoxify and eliminate properly then you can never achieve good health. This is why I work with most patients’ guts first and then, once function is optimal, I address any residual issues. Often other symptoms disappear as the body is able to correct other issues when it is receiving the right nutrients and can detoxify itself effectively.


Tracey Randell

Zest4life Associate

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