Sharon Ling

Hi, I’m Sharon Ling, a registered Nutritional Therapist.


I specialise in helping women lose weight so that they can take more control of their health, regain their energy and be the very best version of themselves. Since qualifying in 2010, I have helped hundreds of clients feel confident in their diets and healthier as a result. 


Let’s be honest, it is easy to be confused and frustrated about food. There are lots of different messages about diet which seem to fall in and out of fashion on a regular basis. It’s no wonder we lose our way. 


Then, we have our habits to contend with; maybe a craving for carbs to get us over the hump in a day or other daily rituals that become the norm. That daily craving or ritual over time becomes a habit that we sometimes try to break but just can’t. It’s become engrained and is too difficult.  Add to this headlines and images about how we could look and feel, and food becomes part of a relentless friend-or-foe cycle. 


Having experienced confusion about food in younger years, I understand. My eureka moment came when I worked in a company whose cornerstone was nutrition and health, and I was able to spend time with nutritionists. It was then that I began to “get” food and understood how straightforward it could be, if only we could get to grip with the basics.  


There were some simple nuggets of gold that I couldn’t believe I didn’t know. Such as understanding how important carbohydrates, proteins and fats were in the right proportions for energy, not to mention the significance of blood sugar levels for weight loss. 


I felt that everyone should know this sort of information in order to take care of their health and break the cycle of endless diets. In fact, I felt so strongly that everyone should know this information, that I decided to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist and tell them. 


Of course, knowing about food and actually making changes are two completely different things and it is changing habits and patterns of eating that many people find most difficult. My programmes use simple techniques to help clients change, learnt through 10 years of working in change management when I supported lots of people in changing their working behaviours. 


As well as being a general Nutritional Therapist, I specialize in female health. 

Many female clients tell me how liberating it feels to learn about food and the impact it has on how they look, feel, and deal with life’s stresses and strains, not to mention helping them manage the highs and lows of the hormonal rollercoaster.  


I’d love to help you too if you are serious about making some changes. 

Sharon Ling

Zest4life Associate
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