Sarah West-Sadler

Food gives us life, but it shouldn’t rule our life.


Having a healthy relationship with food keeps you in shape, maintains your physical and mental wellbeing and gives you the energy to get on with the wonderful business of living. Everything is balanced. An unhealthy relationship with food leads to a poor diet, which affects far more than your body shape and size. Health, energy, weight, self-esteem and mood are all affected and stop you living your life the way you want. Everything becomes unbalanced. Find your diet, for your life. 


Eating what’s right for you is about more than meeting your body’s physical needs. The right diet needs to satisfy your tastes, lifestyle, budget - and the rest of the family. It needs to be easy for you to manage and to maintain.The right diet is part of your life, without ruling your life. And with a little bit of help, it’s easier than you think.


My name is Sarah and I can help you because I am many things. A qualifed nutritionist and an experienced metabolic balance practitioner with over 20 years in the food and nutrition industry. But, more importantly, I am like you. I am a mum to three happy, hormonal, noisy, complicated, do-my-head-in teenagers (13 year old twins Will & Sophie and 17 year old Jack. Jack also happens to have Downs syndrome), a business owner, wife, daughter, volunteer and friend. I understand about the stresses and strains of living. I know how food can become more than fuel. 


How it can be used as an emotional crutch, a replacement, an excuse, a chore. And I know that this affects our health, happiness, energy, weight and self-esteem. I have suffered from irregular bowel habits, mood swings, fatigue and weight gain. And I have addressed these issues by addressing my diet. 


Working together, we’ll find small yet impactful, sustainable and life-improving changes to what you eat and what you do. 


Whether you want to up your energy levels, lower your weight, improve your health or simply eat better, we will find the right strategy for you. Has that given you food for thought? 

Sarah West-Sadler

Zest4life Associate

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