Sarah Grant

If you're ready to take a fresh approach to your eating habits, and start living life to the fullest, I can help you.


I support people who struggle with a difficult relationship with food, weight concerns and gut-related conditions to transform how you think about food, what you choose to eat, and how you care for your body.


Please talk to me if you want to:

- Reprioritise your health and develop nourishing habits that support your digestive system, skin, immune system, metabolism and more

- Have more energy for life and uplift your mood

- Eat confidently and intuitively, and reclaim the joy of food

- Drop the struggle with serial dieting, nutritional overwhelm, food obsession or emotional eating, for good

- Feel more at peace with your body


Having suffered from IBS for years before discovering the power of nutritional therapy, I have a special interest in the role our unique digestive systems play in our health and wellbeing.


Whether working remotely with a client or seeing them in person, I aspire to create a compassionate, inspiring space for self-discovery. To complement the work we do, the latest in functional testing is available to ascertain a deeper understanding of your health status and unique nutritional needs, unlock the secrets in your microbiome and genetic code, and identify food sensitivities.


My inspirational, personalised approach brings together nutritional therapy with intuitive eating and mind-body wellbeing coaching.

Sarah Grant

Zest4life Associate

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