Sarah Grant

If you're ready to take a fresh approach to your eating habits, and start living life to the fullest, I can help you.


With nine years’ experience in this field, my inspirational approach brings together nutrition with transformational health coaching and intuitive eating to transform how you think about food, what you choose to eat, and how you care for your body.


Please talk to me if you want to:


- enjoy food confidently and intuitively

- become empowered to take charge of your metabolism, digestion and health

- recharge your energy levels

- be liberated from dieting for good


Having suffered from IBS for years before discovering the power of nutritional therapy, I have a special interest in the role our unique digestive systems play in our health and wellbeing.


And, whether working remotely with a client, or seeing them in person, I always aspire to create a compassionate, inspiring space for self-discovery.


Alongside helping my clients to enjoy food confidently and intuitively, and take charge of their health and energy, I offer the latest in clinical testing in order to help my clients ascertain a deeper understanding of their health status and unique nutritional needs, unlock the secrets in their microbiome and genetic code, and identify food sensitivities.    


"Sarah has a really special approach. She wants to know about you, your life, your habits, your emotions before discussing your diet. Actually, she won’t give you a diet, she will give you an opportunity to change your life. - Camila Hardy


“I can’t recommend Sarah Grant highly enough. If you feel you’d like to do something about your weight or wellness but don’t know how to start then get in touch with her... it might just change your life.” - Ian Pickering



“I knew a fair amount about nutrition but had a few psychological things holding me back from putting it into practice. Sarah’s sessions dealt with the emotional barriers I had so she could re-connect me with eating well.” -  Sarah Windrum

Sarah Grant

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