Sanna Atherton

Use the power of real food to beat exhaustion, stress, and anxiety, and get back to your vibrant, happy self.

Over twenty years in Forensic Science and Power Engineering, travelling across the country with a busy demanding career, trying to balance work with family, friends and fitness, left me miserable, exhausted, burnt out and, eventually in A&E. I lost my health and I don’t want anyone to have to experience that. I knew there had to be a different way of life and it led me to study the science of nutrition.

I now help stressed, worn out, time-poor people find their happy weight and get back to their vibrant, fulfilled selves.   As well as Corporate Wellbeing Programmes, I have developed bespoke online nutrition courses, recipe eBooks, nutritional programmes, weight loss programmes, and 1:1 life-changing wellbeing coaching.



Sanna Atherton

Zest4life Associate