Sally Mortimore

Hello, my name is Sally and I work with people who feel their mental health is preventing them from living their life to the full.


Do you suffer from the blues, or maybe you are living in fear of getting panic attacks that stop you from living your life? Do you struggle to get up in the morning, feel tired all the time, and lack energy to get going? Maybe your weight has crept up and you feel stuck in a rut.


You may be surprised to learn that, just by taking small steps to improve the food you eat and the way you move and think, you can regain control of your emotions and thoughts and begin to lift that low mood, reduce those feelings of fear and anxiety, and really regain control of life.


As a nutrition and mental wellbeing expert, I help my clients transform the way they eat and improve their mental fitness one step at a time so that they feel like getting up in the morning, are full of energy, and ready to live a life they love.



Sally Mortimore

Zest4life Associate
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