Rose Costello

As a Zest4Life coach, I get a thrill out of helping people to discover how to lose weight, gain energy and improve their health simply by eating well.


I first became interested in food and how it affects our mental and physical health when I worked in Hong Kong as a journalist.  There I learnt about the Chinese belief in using food as medicine. On returning to Ireland, I found that old health issues I used to have slowly started to return. So, while working as a journalist in the Sunday Times, I retrained as a fitness instructor in the hopes of finding the key to consistent good health. I tried every diet going to keep my weight steady but none left me feeling stronger and full of energy, the way I used to feel in Hong Kong, until I discovered Patrick Holford’s Low-GL Diet.


Last year I upgraded my skills to become a Zest4life weight-loss coach so that I can share what I have learnt. Now I hold personal 1-to-1 sessions with clients who want to lose weight the healthy way. I run my weight-loss classes with small groups on Thursdays in Harold’s Cross in Dublin 6W.

What I love about the Low-GL diet we use at Zest4life is that it is not about depriving yourself, it’s about treating yourself to a better life.

Rose Costello

Zest4life Associate