Ola Adamolekun

Do you wake up in the morning dreading what the day is going to bring? Are you feeling stressed and depressed because you feel you can’t eat anything? You’re sick of being sick and want to get your life back. Maybe you’ve told you that you just “have to grin and bear” your symptoms – even though you feel your tummy troubles are affecting your relationships and the pain just won't go away.

You know you need to eat but feel nauseous. You’ve eliminated so many things from your diet it seems like there is nothing left for you to eat!! There is so much information available to you, it’s so difficult to know who or what to listen to. Your doctor is far from sympathetic and just prescribes more tablets. You may have bounced from doctor to doctor with no results. You need someone to help you through the minefield of information out there and to listen to YOU. You’re in the right place.


I can help.


My name is Ola Adamolekun and I’m a health and nutrition coach. I work with women in their 40s and 50s with unpleasant digestive problems like bloating, cramping and constantly going to the toilet. I help them to “stop waking up in the morning dreading what the day will bring”, or from being “bounced from doctor to doctor”. I show them a different way to feel “well again” without having to take loads of medication with various side effects.


I used to suffer from IBS and I want you to know that knowledge is power. I can teach you how to make changes to your lifestyle that will start to relieve you of your tummy troubles in a relatively short time, so you don’t have to be governed by frequent visits to the toilet and live in constant pain.

Ola Adamolekun

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