Welcome to Nicky Denvir Nutrition! My goal is to spread the word that your health is in your hands and there is so much you can do to make a positive difference. I work with women over 45 who want to feel energised, healthy and purposeful every day.


This can be a fun and stimulating time of life, but it also has it’s own unique set of challenges and stresses: you may be working, bringing up children, worrying about ageing parents, experiencing (or just dreading) menopause and feeling that your body is not as fool-proof as it used to be. 


Whether it’s improving energy or sleep, sorting out distressing gut issues, balancing hormones, shifting that extra weight or dealing with a chronic condition, I can help you. I am a nutritional therapist - with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition - an NLP practitioner and health coach.


Take the first step by emailing or calling me to book your FREE 20 min telephone session, where we'll discuss how you can take control of your health.

Nicky Denvir

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