Naomi Szakacs

As a Nutritionist and a Health Coach, I work with people who want more energy, better sleep and a greater sense of wellbeing. It has been a life-long journey learning about my own allergies and intolerances and finding ways to manage them. These concerns impact so much of our lives and it's important to learn new skills on how to manage these difficult situations better.


I work with a range of health concerns including gastrointestinal complaints, stress, weight management and poor sleep. I specialise in allergies, intolerances and many autoimmune conditions. My knowledge about these conditions is drawn from my expertise in nutrition and my personal experience.


Organisational services include allergy awareness training and strategy implementation for organisations, and corporate group educational talks for healthier employee programmes. Programmes and training are all specialised and client-specific, to guide you through the healing process.


Seasonal and specific re-boot health packages from £48

Health coaching programmes with suggested menus from £150

Initial 6-week combined nutritional and health coaching programmes from £250

The Allergy MOT £80 plus test costs = Intolerance Test + a 30-minute consultation before and after the test results.

Naomi Szakacs

Zest4life Associate