Miranda Bailey

I have always had a deep interest in the transformational power of food, but my training and clinical experience in the field of Nutritional Therapy has shown, without doubt, that food can be used as medicine to help restore balance when our bodies start to display signs and symptoms of poor health or disease.

Food is more than just fuel; it is information that our bodies use to nourish and support our good health, or it can drive and maintain symptoms of disease. Often, we may instinctively know that our diets are partly responsible for our poor health, but we are bombarded by conflicting opinions on ‘healthy diets’ or overwhelmed by the positive changes we could make in order to improve our health.

No one single ‘diet’ will ever work for all of us: we are all biochemically individual, with different physical, mental, and emotional health concerns and unique life experiences. By our very nature, we all require different information and nutrition from our diets in order to feel well and function optimally. 

I will work with you to develop a bespoke, evidence-based diet and lifestyle programme , which is aimed at improving your health symptoms based on your individual life, medical history, and an assessment of your current diet and lifestyle factors. This programme may be supported with therapeutic nutritional supplements and will typically be implemented for an initial period: it will then be adapted to suit your needs as your sense of health and wellbeing improves over time.

Health symptoms that Nutritional Therapy can help with:
Digestive symptoms
Energy problems
Sleep issues
Weight management
Women’s issues
Hormone imbalances
Inflammatory conditions
Skin conditions
Pain management
Cardiovascular health
Food intolerance
Blood sugar issues
Type II diabetes
Autoimmune conditions
Chronic conditions
Low mood      

Prior to attending your initial consultation, you will be asked to complete and return an in-depth health questionnaire, which is required in preparation for our initial consultation.

Miranda Bailey

Zest4life Associate
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