Matt Juby

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Life today is challenging. Full stop! 

The ongoing global pandemic has created challenge beyond anything most of us have ever experienced before. The changes that have occurred in the last 12 months are likely to become the new normal for many of us. 


For some, these challenges have not just affected our work or our social activities, but our physical and mental capacity too. 


In my experience, improvements in physical health require a balance between what you fuel your body with (your nutrition) and how much and what you do when you move (your physical exercise) and our capability to make these changes stick and become part of our new way of life.


I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor and Resilience Practitioner. This means that I don't concentrate on one single aspect of physical or mental capability. I bring these three areas together under one umbrella, with the specific purpose of improving physical capability, through improved exercise and better nutrition as well as working on the specific mental capacity of resilience.   


In terms of exercise and nutrition, I work one on one or remotely. I spend time developing specific exercise goals and nutritional plans that will deliver real results. Your needs and rate of progress define the level of interaction we need on a weekly basis. Whats important though is that we will work on the principal of marginal gains. Small positive changes, once they become the new norm, make a big long term impact.


My work as a resilience practitioner (through the resilience alliance) enables me to work with my clients to develop and improve their resilience to the ongoing challenges that life brings. If you think about it, the reason you are here reading this is because you are ready to make a change to yourself. Your current resilience capabilities are very likely to determine how successful that change is likely to be. 


Live life with intention


Matt Juby

Zest4life Associate