Mary Kenneally

" Failure provides the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" Henry Ford. 


I am excited to work with people of all ages to help them embrace life with confidence, achieve their goals, and make the years they are living right now be the best years of their lives.


Using a combination of Zest4life Nutrition and Weightloss plans, motivational coaching, and CBT techniques, I love seeing my clients make gradual and consistent changes that transform their health, weight, fitness, wellbeing, and lifestyle, and gives them the confidence and motivation to sustain those changes long-term. I have a special interest in working with people who have dieted consistently over many years, lost weight only to regain it and more, and now have a lot of weight to lose. Past perceived failures do not determine the future.


Mary Kenneally

Zest4life Associate

    08727 96593