Marie Hick

Hello, I’m Marie. Welcome to Flourish Fit & Well.


I help people flourish by building the foundations of healthy living with expert nutrition, exercise, and wellbeing support.


Using my nutritional qualifications - which include specialisms for exercise and pre and postnatal clients - I will help you develop a positive approach to food. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy or improve your diet, I will focus on what you put in rather than what you take out, so that you never feel deprived and can enjoy eating healthily throughout your life.


There are no crash diets or quick-fix exercise regimes, just simple changes designed around your lifestyle to help you feel fitter, healthier and happier. Having juggled a busy corporate career with family life, I understand the challenges of modern-day living and how easy it is to put your wellbeing to the bottom of the priority list. My approach is about taking practical and achievable steps to empower you to reach your goals.


Perhaps you would like to increase your activity, get fit, or train for a sporting achievement? Are you struggling with unhealthy eating habits, feeling tired or overloaded? Or maybe are you pregnant and wanting to keep moving? Or you run out of time and energy to make healthy choices? Let’s work together to identify your individual challenges and create a transformation programme designed to help you move forward in easy steps.

Marie Hick

Zest4life Associate