Marianne Andrews

Welcome to Cotswold Nutrition. I'm Marianne Andrews, a nutritional therapist & health coach dedicated to helping mid-lifers to rediscover their waistlines, their energy and the benefits of good nutrition.


Are your menopausal symptoms wearing you down or are your hormones completely out of whack? Maybe you feel that your waistline is expanding too rapidly or that you are dragging yourself out of bed rather than feeling energised and raring to go?


Being a busy mum, and having suffered with thyroid problems, I understand how debilitating it can be when your health is less than optimum. I know that as we age it gets more difficult to tackle weight gain, especially when you may also be coping with the menopause, digestive issues and stress. I also know that food and nutrition has the amazing ability to help transform your health and help you take control of the aging process.


I have helped many women to improve their health, their hormonal balance, and regain their zest for life, and I can help you. I offer a range of nutrition and lifestyle coaching programmes. I also offer a range of functional tests, including food intolerance and allergy testing.

Marianne Andrews

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