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Who I work with

I work with women, men and children of all ages 

I am particularly passionate about family health and children’s nutrition 

I specialise in the areas of gut health, autoimmune conditions and mental health



‘Changing the way I eat and gaining a new understanding of food has been life-changing. I feel better than I have done in a very long time’ 



'My son entirely attributes the improvement in his school grades to Marcelle’s nutritional advice. I can’t recommend her highly enough’



‘I came to see Marcelle because I was suffering from severe bloating and IBS. I had been suffering with this for a long time and despite seeing other medical and homeopathic professionals, and implementing many of their suggestions, the problem did not disappear. Marcelle was amazing at understanding my concerns and gave me effective suggestions as to how to deal with it. As a result my bloating and IBS was minimised, and eventually it disappeared. I have no more pain and my energy levels and sleeping patterns have improved.”



‘Marcelle’s consultations were insightful into where I could improve my diet, and they undoubtedly helped me to understand how the food I eat can affect, both positively and negatively, my wellbeing and my pain.
I have come away with simple things that have been easy to integrate into my daily life which I’m very happy to say are continuing to make a big difference for me.
Thank you Marcelle for your warmth and encouragement to show me that change is possible through what we eat.’



‘Your nutrition plan is giving me more energy and less sugar cravings . I’m a new me!’




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Marcelle Rose

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