I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and often work with people in their 40’s who have children to nurture, jobs to hold down, families to keep happy and homes to maintain.   There comes a time when they feel their energy, health and vitality diminishing and their stress levels and waistlines increasing.


I use nutritional science and health coaching to help clients to improve their health, enhance their energy and be the best they can be for themselves and their families.


The Zest4life group programme is an effective way to help as many people as I can to gain control of their weight, health, energy and wellbeing. Eating low GL works very well for weight loss and maintenance and as a Nutritional Therapist I advise many of my clients to follow this way of eating as a way of supporting many other health conditions. 


Zest4life has an educational component to help you to understand how  food  can affect your health.  It also has a coaching component to help you to recognise why you may be making the wrong food choices and gives you tools to help prevent this from happening.


I passionately believe the more we know about how food impacts our health and the more we understand the reasons behind our food choices, the more motivated and empowered we are to follow sustainable, long term changes.


Zest4life educates, motivates and supports. It also shares my philosophy that healthy eating can also be practical and appetising.


I also run Zest4life one2one programmes from my clinic in Southend on Sea.

Please give me a call on 07984 051 800 to discuss your personal needs.

I will be happy to help.

Lianne Sims

City / District