Kim Pearson

HELLO, I’M KIM – a qualified nutritionist and weight loss specialist.


Since graduating in 2008, I’ve worked with over 400 clients to help them lose weight (from a few pounds to over eight stone), fit into the clothes they love and feel comfortable with their body. I’m passionate about educating and inspiring people to improve their health and achieve their happy weight through good nutrition. I know what it feels like to have tried different diets and different types of exercise, never really sure whether they would work or if it was possible to achieve a body that I was happy in.


I know what it’s like to have friends who are naturally slim, despite having terrible diets! And I know the frustration of eating foods you believe to be healthy, yet despair as you watch that number on the scale gradually creep up. I know this because I have been there myself. Contrary to popular belief, not all nutritionists are effortlessly slim, nor do they have an automatic dislike for ‘unhealthy’ food! I love my food and it took me a long time to find my own healthy balance between maintaining a weight I’m happy at, enjoying my food, and feeling in control of my eating habits.


I developed an interest in nutrition in my late teens, noticing that my weight had gradually started to increase. As a vegetarian I thought I was healthy, but in reality, my diet of grains, grains and more grains was not only making me gradually gain weight, it also left me low in energy and constantly craving sweet foods. The more magazine articles and books I read, the more I became confused about what a healthy diet actually was. I had already learnt a lot but there were big pieces of the puzzle missing. When I was 20 I moved to London and I was fortunate to get a job managing a small weight loss clinic. I loved working with the clients, supporting them on their weight loss programmes and seeing their health and happiness improve. Unfortunately, after just three months, the owner of the clinic decided to close the business. I was sad to lose my job but it made me realise that this was exactly what I wanted to do for my career…


I speak at conferences and train healthcare professionals in nutrition and diet. I have worked with businesses to develop corporate nutrition policies, have created dietary guidelines for medical research trials, and am an ambassador for leading nutrition brands.


Kim Pearson

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