Keeley Nicholas

STOP! Reach out! Do not continue alone on this cycle of dread and despair. I can help you to control the cravings, beat the bloat, restore brain function and feel revitalised!


I work with busy professionals who are tired, overwhelmed and bloated, suffer with weight gain, aching joints and brain fog, but struggle with a lack of time.


Working strategically, I empower clients to resolve their digestive issues, rebalance their hormones, restore brain function, and regain energy. I am also a busy professional. I understand the pressure and overwhelm of two careers, three jobs, house maintenance, single parenting, and studying, all at the same time. Sometimes I felt my head was spinning. I have made the same excuses you have for not taking care of myself. Admittedly, tomorrow is another day, but why are you waiting?


I encourage you to prioritise your health and wellbeing today. I can support you to modify your diet and enhance your lifestyle so you can regain energy, become more focused, achieve more than you ever thought possible, and start living your best life now! Why wait for a future of calm, contentment, and happiness? It could be yours, right now!


For individualised, 1-2-1 support, I offer programmes which include monthly, weekly, or fortnightly consultations over a 12-week period. This supports a deep dive into health concerns, and underlying symptoms, and ensures modifications in diet and lifestyle can be undertaken in a progressive and manageable way.


I offer a comprehensive range of functional tests, including stool analyses, blood tests and breath tests, which can help focus a protocol and develop strategic supplement regimes to deal with nutrient deficiency or imbalance.


For corporates and groups, specific programmes are available, and bespoke programmes can be developed to accommodate your unique situation.

Keeley Nicholas

Zest4life Associate

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