Karen Swindall

Get Your Appetite for Life Back


Rediscover your best self again; I work with men and women 40+ who are noticing changes, the body misbehaving and not working like it used to. Where before 4 hours sleep meant nothing, now it takes 2 days to feel semi human again; where before you could eat anything, now the body complains with bloating, reflux and gut issues and where before you never dreamt of dieting you just stayed the same weight, now you’re trying really hard but the scales are still heading in the wrong direction. If, you are a woman do you feel that you’re living on a roller coaster and your mood and emotions are all over the place, you just feel overwhelmed, exhausted and invisible?


Help is at hand. My name is Karen Swindall and I’m a weight loss and menopause coach. My programmes are about nourishing your body with the right nutrients that your body deserves. My clients know that they can count on me to work with them to make the necessary lifestyle changes so they get to where they wish to be in all aspects of their lives. This leads them to feeling much more energised, happy, empowered and confident.

Karen Swindall

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