Jo Sintes

My love for nutrition started with a conviction that we are what we eat, together with a love of eating.  I started studying nutrition as a hobby to help myself and my family.  I am a registered international nutritional therapist & wellness coach and I work predominantly with English speaking women of 40+ who have lost their “Zest for life”. 


You are not alone with the ageing worries, I also go through the same.  You get to a certain age when you feel fed up of going on yet "another diet" -  believe me I have done most of them out there - and realise that it's not just the weight but there are other age related issues going on.  I just wanted to enjoy my food with no guilt/stress, to be free from dieting, and not spend my "free time" at the doctors.


Do you identify with any of the following:


- Stubborn kilos that just won't shift.

- Fed up of constantly being prisoner to a diet.  

- Worrying about the signs of ageing.

- Maybe you have stiff joints, back ache, insomnia or are suffering menopausal symptoms or simply want to get your energy back. 


On MY journey I have learnt how to control my weight, ease the symptoms of menopause as well as osteoarthritis, but the best of all is feeling energised, and full of life again. 

Jo Sintes

Zest4life Associate

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