Jessica-Mae Parker

Hi I'm Jessica, Nutritional Therapist and mother helping parents and parents to-be navigate their health.


The shift into becoming a parent is monumental and even the most prepared people find themselves floored by the transition into parenthood and why wouldn’t we, It is a huge task to first grow, carry and then welcome new life into our own. 


Pregnancy and becoming a parent can put stress on our physical bodies but can also raise stress and concerns for our mental well-being. 

I help parents and parents to-be cultivate more health and happiness into their lives. Motherhood for me provided the space to grow and expand it also highlighted the parts of me that needed a little bit more love, understanding, compassion and nourishment. 


As a nutritional therapist I work with you to address the cause of your concerns. I give you the tools and information so that you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle which make sense and work for you as a individual. 

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious?
Are you dealing with chronic stress?
Tired all the time?
Experiencing problems with sleep?
Do you have a low mood?
Do you feel like your mental health is suffering and that you are disconnected from your body?

We find ourselves living in a fast paced environment where we are more often than not living in a stressed state. We may feel more anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. This can lead to a huge disconnect from our bodies. We let ourselves override and push through our anxiety and stress and silence the signs and symptoms our bodies are displaying.


If you want to address what’s going on in the mind then you need to address what’s going on in the body. 

Our mental health isn’t just in our heads, it is linked with our physical health. If you can improve your physical health it will also impact your mental health. 


I'm here to help you address your needs, carve out the space to make you a priority so that you can feel more rested, connected, energised and less overwhelmed with life, so that you can show up for you and your family.  


Jessica-Mae Parker