Jayne Deeley

Hello, I'm Jayne. I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and Zest4life Health Coach based in the West Midlands, and I specialize in supporting women as they navigate menopause and emerge out of the other side - wiser and stronger.


Are you struggling with managing the symptoms of menopause: hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, energy dips, digestive problems and maybe some stubborn fat around the middle? Do you sense that something is out of balance, or that your body is not your own anymore? 

You may have been told 'it's just your age', or 'it's normal'.  Other people (except maybe some women who are having the same problem) just don't get it. You want to be heard. I understand – I’ve been through it.


My mission is to take the mystery out of menopause. I believe that our bodies have an inner wisdom and that when we listen to what our body is telling us - transformation happens. I will show you how. 


I have a range of nutrition and lifestyle coaching programmes to help you discover a way to eat and look after yourself that feels natural and nourishing. With practical advice tailored to your needs, plus supportive coaching, you can enjoy your journey to your best health.

Jayne Deeley

Zest4life Associate
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