Janet Padfield

Hi, I'm Janet, and I am on a mission to help give frazzled women their sparkle back.


Whether it's the stress of juggling a family, career and ageing parents, battling your way through the heat of the menopause, or that you just don't seem to have the energy that you used to, I'd love to support you.


Things change when you near or surpass the big 4.0. It seems harder to lose weight, energy levels can dwindle and you can be left with lots of niggly health issues that just make you feel less and less like your old self. There is good news though... it doesn't have to be like that.


I know how you feel - I'm a mum of two teenage girls and am well into my 40s. Things definitely are different and I can empathise with you. You spend your life looking out for everyone else's needs except your own and your work is never done no matter how much you achieve each day. It can get exhausting and before you know you almost don't recognise the person you've become.


Using 12-week one-to-one coaching programmes and also 28-day online group courses, I'll help guide you back onto the right track, help support your body through this transition phase and get you eating well again... As we all know, when you feel good the whole house generally feels good. Getting you on track will involve recommendations and adaptations to diet and lifestyle that are realistic and tailored to your busy life, your family sitution and to any of the health issues that you may be experiencing - I even use health coaching techniques to support you through making change. This isn't a quick fix solution but lifelong shifts for long-term health, and I promise gin, prosescco and chocolate won't be banned!

Janet Padfield

Zest4life Associate
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