Jane McClenaghan

I am a Nutritional Therapist, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and founder of Vital Nutrition. I specialise in corporate health and workplace well-being.


When I first studied nutrition (in Home Economics at Limavady Grammar School) it blew my mind. This stuff clicked with me, sparked something within me and ignited a passion about the powerful effects of food on our health. I got it. I knew then (age 11) that this was it.


So here I am, a few decades on, with my own business, living my dream. In 1991, I moved to England and spent the next ten years soaking up as much knowledge and education as I possibly could about food and nutrition. A degree in Food Science, a 3-year diploma in Nutritional Therapy, and a teaching course later, followed by years of experience as a nutritionist (from working in a supplement company, to tutoring on a nutrition course, and sub-editing a nutrition journal), eventually I moved back to Northern Ireland in 2001 and founded Vital Nutrition.


The business has changed a lot over the years, but my passion to educate, inspire and inform people remains as strong as ever. These days I mainly teach workshops and cookery demos to groups of people in workplaces, community groups, schools and online, as well as seeing a few clients for 1-2-1 consultations. I want to get people excited about the powerful effects that the food in our breakfast bowl, lunch box or dinner plate has on our wellbeing. I love meeting people and helping them to make changes that stick. I believe that the simple changes we can make every day are the things that will genuinely help us to feel better and function well.


Whether through my shop, workplace health classes, cookery demos, radio or online webinars, I strive to help people get the very best out of their health, every day. I take a down-to-earth, realistic approach to evidence-based nutrition and healthy eating. Forget the crazy fad diets, calorie counting and point scoring. For me, healthy eating should be packed with flavour, colour and variety to nourish our body and mind. Real food for real people. I want to take the confusion out of nutrition.


With over 20 years experience, I hope that I offer a voice of reason to provide balanced and clear advice to help people make positive changes for the good of their health.


Outside of work, I am married to Nev, an environmental conservationist. In our spare time, we like to go to gigs, walk in the mountains and try out some of our city’s great restaurants. I love being fit, especially if it involves getting outside, no matter what the weather – from outdoors fitness classes, to running and mountain biking, being in the great outdoors helps me to switch off and balance work with life.

Jane McClenaghan

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