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Hello and welcome to Helen Monk Nutrition.


I know you are here because either you or a family member is struggling with their health. Let me help. I am a degree-qualified registered nutritional therapist and I help people get back to feeling well again through a combination of diet and lifestyle change.


The list of chronic conditions that respond well to nutritional therapy is endless! Everything from lack of energy, digestive problems, skin health, female health issues ranging from PMS to fertility, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety… In fact, if you feel you have got as far as you can, you’ll discover at your consultation that there are still plenty of avenues to explore, whatever your health concerns may be.


I live the 80-20 rule, so that occasional glass of wine is balanced with loads of real food, brimming with flavour and healthful nutrients. My philosopy is not about faddy diets, but in promoting a healthy relationship with food, and your body. You won’t have to buy loads of special ingredients or so-called superfoods, unless you really enjoy getting creative at meal-times!


Whether you have symptoms or a diagnosis, are feeling totally overwhelmed with trying to do what’s best healthwise, or want to feel full of good health and vitality, I can help.


I offer bespoke programmes that include the right level of support for you. Together we navigate where you want to get to with personalised nutrition plans and lots of support. We see the best results in clinic when there’s plenty of time and support to work through a health improvement plan and make the changes that give you the results you want, so my programmes last around 10 weeks.

Helen Monk

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