Debbie Gallimore

Having spent my adult life in a Corporate environment managing teams of people to reach their true potenital and strategy development, I have a wealth of experience in coaching, support and motivating people to gain results. Although I enjoyed my career, I wanted to utilise my people skills with my true passion, food and nutrition. 


In 2007, I decided to re-train as a nutritional therapist and spent 4 years gaining my education in nutrition and biochemistry. Having spent the majority of my twenties and early thirties on a permanant diet and feeling low energy and drained of life, I knew that my love of food (both the good and the bad) would eventually make me very sick indeed.


The birth of my first child was the catalyst needed to see that my health was now of paramount importance as my role of mum and the need to healthy was more important than anything else. I have never looked back ! I am now at a healthy stable weight but more importantly to me is the abudance of energy this has provided. My passion for supporting and motivating people through their personal journeys to great health and weight loss were requested is not a job but a privilege!


I see clients on both a 1:1 basis and in a group environment who want to eat well, gain health and energy and live life without limits. I work with clients on the following areas:

- Providing nutritional education to provide an understanding of the different effect foods have on metabolism and therefore health allowing inividuals to make healthy food choices.

- Coaching, support and motivation to enable clients to continue on their health journey's to reach their potential changing lifetime habits

- A commitment to produce results


I run group and individual programmes in Sale, Cheshire. I run a private nutritional therapy practice along side my Zest4life clients and have a wealth of experience in weight loss and a host of health issues.

Debbie Gallimore

Zest4life Associate

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