Claire Sendall

I am a thyroid function nutrition expert & health coach. I am dedicated and passionate about helping, empowering men and women suffering with the many symptoms associated with all thyroid conditions to take back control of their health. 


Typically, my clients have been given a medical diagnosis and medication for their thyroid condition and yet still suffer. They are tired of being dismissed by the medical community or told that their results are ‘normal’ and that the stubborn weight they can't shift will vanish if only they would eat less and exercise more? Worse still, that their 'symptoms' are all in their head?


And so if you too are tired of feeling fatigued, anxious or depressed, and you're ready to say goodbye to weight concerns or digestive problems, I can help. I've been where you are. You feel lost and hopeless, and yet you instinctively know there must be a reason you're experiencing these symptoms – if only you knew where to start. 


I have developed a unique and specialised programme designed to help you get back to the best version of yourself – the one you remember from before this condition was diagnosed. My individualised programme combines nutrition and functional testing as well as positive lifestyle management, supplement recommendations and health coaching to keep you motivated and supported on your path to success.


I know you want to be heard, feel validated, get educated & be empowered.

Claire Sendall

Zest4life Associate

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