Clare Hegarty

Are you lacking in energy, not sleeping well, struggling to shift excess weight, overwhelmed with the stress and strain of everyday life and just don’t feel the best or most healthy version of yourself? I can help you change all that.


My name is Clare Hegarty, I am nutritionist and health coach and busy mum of 3 young children. I specialise in helping women transform their own and their family’s health.


The majority of my clients have spent years on punishing diets and weight loss programs that have left them feeling emotionally and physically exhausted and lacking in confidence. Not only is dieting extremely stressful on the body, but it has such a negative impact on the mind and on self-esteem. Diets don't work, but there is a way to take control of your weight and your health.


My programmes are designed to help women feel the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. They focus on the key pillars of health: diet, lifestyle, sleep and mindset. Mindset is the key to lasting change and the work I do is about helping women completely reset their current mindset and live a life they deserve. 


My programmes are not about restriction or fad-dieting, they are not about counting calories or punishing diet cycles. They educate and empower women to feel the best version of themselves, to thrive and feel energised, and to live a life they love.


Using my nutritional expertise and coaching skills, and my training in sleep and anxiety management, I provide women with powerful tools to create genuine and lasting change in all areas of their lives.


My own journey into nutrition was a very personal one, born out of my desire to help my own family and one of my children who was a sensory and fussy eater. My own health was suffering as a result of poor diet, sleep and lifestyle habits. I took the steps to transform my own and my family’s health, and my goal is to help others to do that too.


It is possible to completely transform your life and your health, and I am very passionate and committed to the work I do. I have helped many women transform their health and mindset, and I look forward to helping you do that too.

Clare Hegarty

Zest4life Associate