Clare Atkinson

I am a clinical Registered Nutritional Therapist, mainly working with women who are struggling with stress, low energy, digestive issues, weight gain and brain fog.


Nutritional Therapy is evidence based for the individual and integrates well with conventional medicine. It uses the Functional Medicine model recognising that diet and lifestyle are environmental influences on an individual's health and physiology. It focuses on investigating and addressing the root causes of ill health rather than just the symptoms.


Dietary analysis of your whole person is undertaken and your individual health challenges discussed. Hereditary health concerns, current symptoms and diagnosed health conditions are also considered as well as your lifestyle and personal goals. A personalised diet can help protect against ill health, restore optimum energy and promote good health, vitality and well being.

I understand the challenge of having a healthy and exciting diet and leading a busy life. Being a chef and having resolved my own health issues through diet I can offer practical, suitable suggestions.


At your initial consultation we explore potential root causes of your symptoms that may result from dietary and lifestyle imbalances, tailoring advice to your individual needs. I support you to make more appropriate food and lifestyle choices to support your health and well being.


I prefer to work with you for a minimum of 3 months to best help you attain your health goals. Initially I will send you a questionnaire to detail your health profile and food diary. At 4 weeks I advise a follow up consultation that can be by Skype, to assess the success of your Health Optimisation  Plan. In the interim I support any challenges that may present through email or where appropriate phone.


I charge £95.00 for the initial consultation or offer various consultation packages of differing support to best suit you.


Health Issues

Dietary advice aims to support your health goals. These may involve improved digestion, improved stress and weight management or support with a diagnosed lifestyle related conditions. I can investigate food allergies or intolerances and help optimise hormone health. Energy and performance levels may also benefit from nutritional advice.


Testing and Supplements

I offer functional testing to assess your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels and digestion through private laboratories and via the NHS to identify nutrient deficiencies or imbalances that may be manifesting as symptons. I may advise supplements to support your health.


I contribute to the research on the gut microbiome at and am committed to updating professional nutrition development by regularly attending leading seminars including at The Royal Society of Medicine.


Clare Atkinson

Zest4life Associate

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