Caroline O'neill

My name is Caroline O'Neill. I am a 50+ working wife and mother of 3 grown up children and I know the  challenges facing all of us today when it comes to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  


I especially understand women who are 40+ and juggling a hectic work and family life, and am passionate about helping them to find the best ways to reclaim their health, energy and vitality for life.  In particular, I specialise in the symptoms associated with hormonal changes such as weight gain, lack of energy, brain fog and mood swings.


Using my nutrition and coaching skills, I will guide clients towards making the best food and supplement choices, and making sustainable lifestyle changes to help ensure they achieve their long and short-term health goals.  My clients will never have to diet or go hungry again.


Feeling good is possible for everyone, so if you wish to get back to being your very best and need a helping hand with getting there, I can help you.


Caroline O'neill

Zest4life Associate

    087 6709843