Alison Chappell

I help women get their old self back and feel full of energy by changing their relationship with food - fuel not comfort!


I specialise in helping busy women who are stressed, lacking in energy and struggling to feel healthy make changes to their diet and lifestyle so that they can start to transform their future. I know how tough it can be but I also know how to make ‘getting healthy’ easy and how to maintain it. I have over 20 years senior management and director level experience in strategic planning, training and development work and I felt like this most of the time until 8 years ago, when I took my health into my own hands and retrained as a registered nutritional therapist, personal health coach and bodywork specialist.


I am passionate about helping women create the right work life balance and feel energised and happy to take on the world again!

Alison Chappell

Zest4life Associate

    07776 192640